Mandala Midwifery

Please select the appointment type to schedule.

Consultation Visit for Midwifery Care for Home Birth

This is a free visit to meet the midwives and discuss the option of Midwifery care and home birth. We will answer any questions you have as well as discuss your medical history to evaluate your eligibility for care.

(1 hour)

Doula Consultation

This is a free visit to meet one of our doulas and discuss doula care for a home or hospital birth.

(1 hour)

Consultation for Midwifery care for Hospital Birth

This is a free visit to discuss midwifery care for families planning a hospital birth.

(1 hour)

Initial Visit

This will be your first clinical prenatal visit. We will establish care, discuss your medical history, offer labs and a physical exam. Please have your medical history completed in your electronic chart (we will send you a link via email) and be prepared with a $245 deposit. We will discuss further financial arrangements at this visit.

(1 hour and 30 minutes)

Routine prenatal

If you are already an established client and need to schedule your next visit please select this option. Routine prenatals should be scheduled every four weeks from weeks 10-28, every two weeks from weeks 28-36, and weekly after 36 weeks.

(1 hour)